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Anyone who ever said finding your career was easy clearly never told Cody. If you were to ask a 10-year-old Cody that by the time he was 33 he would have been in the military, saved lives as an EMT, and would have settled on acting for his career he would have run out of the room. Yet today Cody has been working professionally for the past six years and has never looked back.

Cody grew up singing from the early age of 4.

He started in church Christmas shows and school talent shows. However, it wasn't till after high school and years of choosing skateboarding, water polo, and playing guitar did he realize how much performing and storytelling meant to him. At the age of 17 Cody was cast in his first regional musical "The Wizard of Oz" and although he was in the ensemble for the first time he felt like he had found a home. He started performing in the illustrious Citrus Singers and was steaming full ahead for a performance career. Fast forward three years and Cody was training to be Helicopter Rescue Swimmer in the United States Coast Guard after rescuing five of his performers from drowning during a tour in Maui, HI. Even though his direction had shifted he kept a song in his heart and was known for singing musical theater while on security detail while deployed.


Cody was convinced after getting out of the Coast Guard that he was destined for a life of public service which led to many years of being a firefighter and answering 911 calls as an EMT. Until that fateful trip to NYC when he and his wife won the lottery to see Hamilton on Broadway and from that day on he knew he was meant to tell stories. Cody has quickly made a name for himself in the San Diego regional theater circuit working with some of the most notable theaters in principal and ensemble roles and can be seen performing all over San Diego. There is nothing purer than storytelling and Cody couldn't be more excited to continue his multiple-act play called life.

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